We boost revenue for B2B SaaS firms without costly ad spend, and instead use AI leveraged outreach.

Customized lead generation solutions.

Our team at Reliance Leads will work with you to determine the best lead generation tactics for your business size and industry.

Scalable and measurable services.

We provide scalable and measurable lead generation services that adapt to your business's changing needs in order to help optimize your sales pipeline.

Quality over quantity.

We aim to generate high-quality leads that are relevant to your business needs, allowing you to focus on converting those leads into sales.


How much does it cost?Our payment plan is comprehensive and tailored to suit your needs. It involves a set-up fee, a pay-per-call plan for leads, and a monthly retainer if you decide to continue with us. The cost varies based on the volume and quality of leads you require. It is important to note that we operate on a performance based model. This means if we don't deliver the qualified leads you deserve, you owe us NOTHING.

Who is this for?Medium to large B2B companies, SaaS founders and startups who are tired of digging for leads, failing to land clients on sales calls, and are ready to scale their business.

Why Reliance Leads?We leverage AI tools in order to book sales appointments with ideal clients for your business on a pure performance based model. We'll generate quality sales calls and provide warm leads with your dream customers in mind. Our marketing automations handle the first contact with your ideal prospect and help you open the door to a valuable conversation. This will save you HUGE amounts of time while we continue to generate the warm leads to keep you going!

Why can't I just hire an employee to handle my sales?You absolutely can and many great companies do this daily. However, your cost will far exceed just an hourly wage. On top of salary, benefits, bonuses...paying an employee for their time and not their output will cost you exponentially more. You will be paying for wasted time that doesn't always produce the results you're seeking.
With Reliance Leads, you pay for results. We are focused on helping you succeed and our pricing options are tailored to motivate us to produce quality results, while saving you both time and money.

Who We Are:

Zak Helme

Over the last decade Zak has served in the United States Intelligence Community, the United States Navy, the corporate finance sector, and graduated Columbia University in the City of New York."I use all of those skills I’ve honed to provide the best results for my clients at Reliance Leads. Which is finding the signal through the noise and providing the best customers for my clients.”

Nick Holland

With a background in marketing and business development, Nick's primary goal is to help clients take their business to the next level."With dynamic strategies and continuous market research, our team at Reliance Leads will work with you to generate the highest quality lead generation possible."

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